Together, we walk through the home and talk about opportunities to make the property look its best before listing.  We offer advice on paint colors, furniture arrangements, small add-ons with a big impact, and tips on decluttering, depersonalizing, and preparing for showings. 

Vacant Home Staging

Empty houses are harder to sell.  Statistics show that buyers struggle to envision a space without furniture and vacant homes lend less emotional appeal.  These factors contribute to vacant homes staying on the market longer. 

To avoid these obstacles, we provide vacant home staging services with furniture rental for home owners, investors, and model properties.  By selecting the right furnishings, we make the spaces look larger and engage that emotional response.

Interior Decorating



Whether you have just moved into your new home or need a refresh, we support your design needs.  We offer advice on selecting paint colors, furniture, and the details that bring your home to life.  Design services range from a basic consultation where you complete the work to our team managing the entire project from start to finish. 

We supply your short-term rental with everything it needs, designed with your guests in mind. Furnishings, bedding, kitchen supplies, location-specific nods, and fun entertainment - all in a style that will have guests leave raving reviews and improve your vacancy rate.

Air B’n’B

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