Tips for Staging a Round Dining Table

There is something about a round table.  It brings a level of simplicity to any room and grounds the space without overwhelming it.  We love to use them in a home and not just for staging.  Here's why...

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5 Reasons to Love Round Dining Tables

  1. Better flow and movement - There are no corners to navigate around and it opens more space for foot traffic.
  2. Smaller footprint -  Making this shape a great solution for small spaces and making any room appear larger.
  3. Improved personal interaction - Long gone are the days where you are yelling to the other end of the table to ask about your uncle's new puppy.  Everyone can be equally involved in the conversation.
  4. Easy reach to your favorite dish - Food is easily accessible from any seat, preventing you from missing out on something delicious.
  5. No more elbows - The round shape creates more eating space and avoids someone else's elbow thrown into your space.  This is also a marriage saver...

Despite all the love, the challenge with a round dining table is finding ways to stage it.  The methods used on a rectangular table don't always work but a round table presents new opportunities.  Here are a few simple approaches to make it looks its best.


Staging the Table

One Centerpiece

Keep it simple and focused with a single centerpiece.  It is important that it is large so it isn't overwhelmed by the size of the table.  Choose something that is also round in shape.  This is a great opportunity to bring in something with life into your home, such as a plant or vase of flowers.  As an alternative you can use a large bowl, filled or empty. 

Group Items

Select an odd number of items in varying heights and sizes and group them together.  It creates an acquired, eclectic feel that doesn't feel stuffy or forced.  A set of three or five are foolproof but large collections, when similar in shape, style, and color, are stunning and make a big impact.


Set the Table

Pull out your dishes, silverware, and glasses and create an occasion.  Add a centerpiece to pull it all together. 

With so much on the table it is easy for the tablescape to become a distraction.  Keep it simple with one or two colors.  Dress it up with round chargers, linen napkins, and wine glasses or prepare a casual setting.  Create a setting that will sell your house. 


Branch Out

Your table may be a perfect circle but don't be afraid to branch out from the center to create a scene.  Start with a basic centerpiece then add details that tell a story.  To give it true depth don't make it look perfect like you do when setting a table.  You want it to look like someone just stepped out of the room and leave their imagination to envision where it could go.  

In the summer you can use a pitcher of sweet tea surrounded by glasses and a small bowl full of snacks.  In the winter, try a fresh loaf of bread partially sliced with small plates for serving.  If your home will be vacant avoid the food and beverages and use stacked plates, scattered cups, and some napkins to set the scene.  The options are endless.  Get creative and have fun with it!

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