Tips for Sizing a Rug

Most people choose a rug based on its appearance.  The pattern and texture play a big role in the look of a room but the size of the rug can often make just as a big of an impact.  When executed correctly, you can make a room look even larger, define spaces, and bring warmth to the home. 

There are a few important tips to remember.

  1. If you are working with an open floorplan, define your room and take measurements.
  2. Keep at least 18" of floor exposed around the edge of the rug.
  3. Most times, a larger rug makes the room appear bigger.
  4. Orient your rug to mirror the shape of your room (in a rectangle room lay the rug the same way, in a square room use a square or circle rug).

To take the guesswork out of shopping, see our guidelines below on getting the size just right.

Image Credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw

Image Credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw

For inspiration (and some Monday morning eye-candy), here a few rooms that were done right.

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