Staging with Baskets

In home staging, furnishings and accessories are pared down to highlight the home’s features and make the space look larger.  In this pared down state, it is important to make sure the house still feels welcoming and warm.  This is done by adding layers in each room and lots of texture.

John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

One of our go-to accessories that fills empty spaces and adds character to a room is a basket.  The easy, accessible storage they offer is an added bonus.  We rounded up a few of our favorite ways to incorporate them into your space, whether for staging or in your own home.

Gather Blankets & Pillows

Add a basket next to a sofa or chair to ground it to the room.  This creates more purpose and makes the space feel intentional.  Fill the basket with extra throw pillows or blankets.  Choose thick, warm materials such as a chunky knit blanket or fur throw for the winter.  Use lighter weight blankets for the spring or summer.  

I Heart Organizing

I Heart Organizing

Make it a Planter

For those empty corners in a room, add a basket and place a potted plant inside.  Plants add freshness to a space and bring a bit of nature inside.  Fiddle leaf figs are a great option that offer a lot of height.  If you are looking for something on a smaller budget that will still make a statement you can try aglaonemas, "plants of steel," that are typically sold at your local hardware store.

Fill It With Logs

A great way to add more attention to your wood burning fireplace is to place a basket on the hearth and fill it with wood.  This sets a scene for potential buyers that helps them imagine using the fireplace and hearing the crackling as they add another log.  If it is your home, this is a convenient way to store firewood and it looks great.

The New Vase

Pick some fresh flowers from from your yard or local market and instead of adding them to a vase, gather them together in a basket.  These make a beautiful statement before your photo shoot or an open house.

Round Up Toys

For children’s bedrooms or dedicated children’s spaces we use baskets to wrangle toys and other items which makes for easy cleanup before showings.  Place one or two large stuffed animals on top of the bin to cover the other toys and the space will look well cared for and hide the 20 second dash you made to clean up the barbie shoes, color crayons, and legos, and that are nestled discreetly under that sweet stuffed bunny.

Make life more beautiful.

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