Staging that Tells a Story

Story Telling

One of my favorite parts of staging is telling a story.  There is so much impact in creating scenes throughout the home.

Setup the game Sorry! in your bonus room with a couple bowls of pretzels and popcorn.  Buyers instantly imagine their family, together, playing games and creating memories.

Add coffee mugs to the front porch for buyers to imagine quiet mornings rocking together, taking in the sunrise, and enjoying the neighborhood.

Linden Creek Home Staging

Linden Creek Home Staging

As the home owner, you are often one of the best storytellers because you have personal experience.  You know which window seat has the best sunlight to relax and read a book.  You baked your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe dozens of times in that kitchen.  You understand just how amazing it is to slide into the tub at the end of a long night with bubbles and soft music.  

The Power of Emotion

All of these experiences elicit emotion.  They produce feelings of comfort, happiness, relaxation, and security.

Linden Creek Home Staging

Linden Creek Home Staging

We make the decision to buy a house with both sides of our brains - the logical and emotional.  “The emotional is hard to quantify. We feel it, but we don’t know how to describe it,” says Jeff Shore, speaker, author and host of the new podcast “The Buyer’s Mind." “It serves as a navigating source. Ultimately, there is that gut feeling that drives us in a more powerful way than our logical side.”  

Skeptical?  According to a survey by Commonwealth Bank, 44% of Australian buyers paid more for a property because they "really liked it."

We Buy a Lifestyle

As much as we hate to admit it, we purchase a "lifestyle" more than the home. 

We think "When I live here, I will spend summers on the deck watching the kids play in the big back yard."  We fall in love with the lifestyle and don't see the house with the big back yard that needs to be mowed three times and week, and fertilized, aerated, and seeded each season.  

In staging, it is our job to create a lifestyle that is desirable.  It is our job to evoke the emotions we long for in a home.  

So, add fresh logs to your wood burning fireplace.  Set out a magazine, towel, and cool drink on the pool chair.  Make buyers feel relaxed, happy, at home.  When they buy into the lifestyle and feel the emotion they will buy into your home.

Linden Creek Home Staging

Linden Creek Home Staging

Make life more beautiful.

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