Less Than 24 Hours

Less than 24 hours.  That's all it took for this beautiful new home to receive an offer after staging.  


Nestled in the woods on the outskirts of the city, this new build sat on the market for nearly 2 years.  The listing was inherited by an agent that just moved companies.  After just a week under her watchful eye, she called me and said "We need to do something!"

Staging the home was a no brainer.  It adds the emotional attachment so many buyers seek and highlights the features so thoughtfully designed by the builder.  Our team installed furniture, artwork, and the details that make it a home.  We finished the installation on a Friday afternoon and Saturday received a call from the agent - "We're getting an offer!"

Here's how we maximized each space.

Living Room

This house has only one main living space so it was crucial to show off the size and amount of seating it could offer.  As a rule of thumb, the main living space should seat at least the number of bedrooms plus one.  This assumes the master is shared.  So in this 4-bedroom home we needed at least 5 seats.

Dining Room

The formal dining room boasts beautiful coffered ceilings.  We installed an area rug to ground the space and used iron spindle chairs to keep the room feeling open.


Many homes today have a large office built into the floor plan.  In this 12x12 room, a standard size desk would get lost in the space.  Instead, we chose a small dining table which fills the space and highlights the large work surface available.  Centering the table in the room provided visual balance with the dining room that is directly across the entry.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom had two features we wanted to highlight - the trim focal wall and beautiful (and rare) view out the large windows.  To do this, we anchored the bed and nightstands on the focal wall so your eye is immediately drawn to the detail.  We kept the color pallet neutral so it would not compete with the room's natural beauty.  The bold green coming from the forest acted as natural artwork and a beautiful backdrop for the space.  


The kitchen has plenty of counter space and we wanted to show it off!  We added cutting boards, baking supplies, a coffee station, and a serving area to show just how much you can do in the space.  We chose a white table for the breakfast area to match the cabinets and created a visual extension of the kitchen.   Foot traffic could be a concern in the breakfast area because it can come all sides - the living room, outdoor patio, kitchen, or hall.  To encourage the flow of traffic we knew a round table was a must.

We love getting results like these for our clients.  It was such a pleasure working on this project and highlighting a home that was created so beautifully.

Make life more beautiful.

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