5 Reasons to Consider a Natural Fiber Rug

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

At Linden Creek, one of our go-to area rugs is a natural fiber rug.  These rugs make an impact in homes in a big way.  Whether you are shopping for an area rug today, or looking for a way to refresh your space, here are five reasons to consider a natural fiber rug.

1. Price

Let's be honest, good quality rugs can get expensive.  When you sacrifice on price, you often sacrifice on quality as well.  Fortunately, natural fiber rugs start at a fairly low price point and still have a lot to offer.  An 8x10 area rug can run you as little as $220.

2. Masks Dirt & Often Stain Resistant

Pet-lovers and families with children, this is for you!  Many natural fiber rugs, such as Sea Grass and Sisal, have impressive durability in high traffic areas.  Dirt looks non-existent because of the weave and color variation.  Sea Grass is even stain resistant so you spend less time worrying about what drops on the floor and more time thinking about the cute little (or big) culprits.    

3. Neutral Design

Natural fiber rugs come in a variety of tones, giving a neutral, warm base to any room.  Best of all, they are not tied to specific style.  Incorporate the rug in a coastal design or pair it with modern furniture.  If you like to frequently update your style and color in a room, the natural fiber rug is a piece that doesn't have to be replaced and plays nicely with others.

4. Green

Not only do these rugs look good, but their renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable properties make them a great choice for the environment.  The plant materials that are used to make natural fabric rugs are rapidly renewable and easy to harvest, so the materials can be collected again and again without damaging the ecosystem.



5. Adds Texture

In design, one of the most important elements is texture.  It adds dimension and warmth to a space and brings that "at home" feeling in.  Whether choosing a thick, thin, or patterned weave, these rugs are a great way to bring in texture.



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