2018 Design Trends Taking Center Stage

Looking to give your home a refresh? 

2018 is moving towards a balance between traditional and modern design.  Interiors should have character and look like they have been designed over time with eclectic elements gathered over the years.  What does that look like?     

These design trends are taking center stage in 2018.

Bold Colors

White walls, white furnishings, white cabinets, white marble counters, white shiplap....

Our all white design world has decided to play with color and it is going BOLD.  One trend you will see a lot of in 2018 is incorporating bold colors into design.  This adds mood, character, and dimension that we have not seen in a while. 

Use bold colors on your walls, ceiling, rugs, furniture, cabinets, or counters.  Balance it with light neutrals to make the biggest impact.    


Vintage Accessories

Mixing a little old with the new creates warmth and balance.  Vintage pieces, often adding unique textural interest, make a home feel collected instead of pulled directly from a store catalog.

Incorporate this trend into your home by adding a vintage rug runner to your kitchen.  Spend an afternoon shopping antique stores to find a piece of art that's color story compliments your home.  Stroll through the flea market to find an item that you love and add it to a vignette of stacked books and fresh flowers.

Mixed Metallics

Mixing metals used to mean bad design, but experts agree that is not the case any longer.  Homeowners like a more eclectic look and want more than just one metal throughout the home. 

Balance the sometimes industrial feel of mixed metals with natural stone.  Take the look to the next level by layering the metals throughout the home in lighting, hardware, and furniture.


Light, Textured Wood Floors

The design favorite was once dark floors, so why the shift to something light and textured?

Homeowners are seeing the advantages of lighter tones that hide imperfections and make dirt less visible, which is great for homes with children or pets.  From a design standpoint, the light foundation opens the space and makes it feel visually larger.

Amp up your flooring by installing it in a pattern such as herringbone or inlay a special design the size of any area rug in your entryway to create a focal point.

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