Getting Ready for Overnight Guests

The countdown to Christmas is nearly in the single digits which means it is time to start preparing your home for those out-of-town guests.  They will spend hours in the car or wait through busy TSA lines. 

Help them wind down and enjoy the holidays with these five simple things to make them feel welcome and restored!

1. Add a Tray

Kelley Nan

Kelley Nan

Give your guests a luxurious welcome by adding a tray to their bed.  Include brochures about the area so they can visit local attractions while you are tied up or a favorite book you think they might enjoy reading.  I like to add coffee mugs so they can make a cup in the morning without feeling like they need to dig through my cupboards (and I can get a little extra shut eye!).  Candles or a small dish of chocolates are also great options.  Finish it off with a small vase of fresh clippings from the yard.


2. Gather Fresh Clippings 

Take a quick trip outside and gather some clippings of evergreens or shrubs.  It doesn't take much to bring a little bit of the outside in.  Gather them in a vase (or vases) and place them on a tray, nightstand, or end table. 

If you decide on evergreens their fresh scent is an added bonus that is a continual reminder of Christmas.


3. Corral the Must-Haves

Put together a small basket of toiletries and other must-haves that may have been forgotten.  Shampoo, conditioner, a fresh bar of soap, and wash rags are musts.  Include hair spray, hand lotion, and Q-tips to cover the basics.  You may want to have a toothbrush and extra toothpaste on hand just in case. 

We make sure to include a phone charger and a note with our WiFi password so they don't have to bother asking.  And if you want to go above-and-beyond add a pair of slippers for each guest.

Display the basket on an open shelf in the room or just inside the closet so it is easy to see upon arrival.  This simple gesture goes a long way and lets them know you were thinking about their needs.


4. Make Room in the Closet

Guest bedroom closets are magnetic.  You move into your house and think, how lovely to have a full closest for my guests.  Then you wake up one day to see the closet doors barely shut and there is a strange assortment of misfits flooding the space.   

I'll let you in on a little secret.... guest closets have a powerful magnetism that "homeless" items can't resist. 

For those of your scratching your head about this concept - KUDOS!  You have combated the magnetism and should be applauded.  For everyone else, make some space for your guests to unpack their suitcase (at least a little).


5. Use Comfortable Bedding

Give your guests something comfortable to slip into each night and make their rest a little more peaceful. 

Choose sheets that feels thick and soft by selecting a high thread count or going with an alternative material such as bamboo.  White is always a great option because it looks and feels clean. 

Layer the bed with a blanket, covered duvet, and throw.  Not only does this look cozy and inviting but it gives your guests options so they can get their sleeping temperature just right.  

Linden Creek Home Staging

Linden Creek Home Staging

Your family or friends have sacrificed their time and money to come stay with you.  Let me them know how much you appreciate it with these five simple steps.


Make life more beautiful.

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