Finding Time to Sleep While Selling Your Home

Let's be real for a bit.  Moving is a lot of work. 

You need to find a trusted Realtor, time the market just right if possible, find a new house, sort and clean every item in your home, finish those updates and maintenance items that have been sitting on your to do list, and make your home look like a magazine cover because that's what buyers expect today.  Did I mention you still have a career, carpooling, soccer games to attend, and everything else that fits into your daily routine?

Are you kidding?  You are only human (and like to sleep at night). 


Then your Realtor tells you they have a home stager they would like to bring by to help you get your home ready for listing.  "Great!" You think, "One more appointment to fit into my day."  The home stager arrives and walks through your home.  You're in the middle of sorting, donating, purging, and packing, so it has never looked so bad in all the time you have lived there.  And now you have someone critiquing every inch of your home.  The stager tells you to paint some rooms, update the hardware in the kitchen, organize your closets so they show better, repair the nicks in your doors and baseboards, power wash your shutters, then leaves you with a 10 page checklist of items to help your house show its best.  By the time they are walking out the door you can't decide if you want to give the stager a knuckle sandwich or collapse on the floor and throw in the white flag.  That's it.  You'll stay in this home until the day you die.  

That isn't how it should be.

At Linden Creek, we are firm believers in helping you, not overwhelming you.  That 10 page checklist has a lot of great points.  But who has time for all of that?  Some things should be addressed but how do you know which ones matter most? 

Using our real estate and design experience, we give our clients a list of just 5 action items that are going to make the greatest impact on the listing and are achievable.   That way you know where to spend your time and money, both which are so valuable at that point in time.   


Not a DIYer?  Have a demanding career?  Or just want to have some peace through the whole process?  We will coordinate the painting, cleaning, repairs, updates, moving, and staging that needs to be done so you can focus on your next steps.  

I don't say all of this as a sales pitch.  I am telling you this because I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to move.  It shouldn't be.  We give you the help you need and time to sleep at night while you are preparing your home to sell.

Make life more beautiful.

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