Art From an Unexpected Collection

I love a collection.  I may not be interested in the exact item that was collected but there is always a story behind how it was started.  You can ask the owner one or two simple questions and see the passion and pride oozing out of them as they tell the story about each treasured piece.


Most collections are acquired over a long period of time and act as a time capsule of memories.  They bring a smile to the owner's face and provide a physical memory of different times in history.  When displayed the right way, they also create a rare and beautiful piece of artwork for your home.  To avoid overkill and create art, here a few a simple tips to bring your collection to its glory.  

Hang It Together On the Wall

One mistake that is often made is the collectible item appears in several different places throughout a house or room.  You play a game of "I Spy" and slowly spot more items as time passes.  Instead, bunch the collection together and display them on a wall. 

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Don't limit yourself to the idea that the item needs to stay in its assumed room.  Think of your collection as art.  Display your dishes in the entryway or a collection of turtle shells in the bathroom.  The unexpected makes it more appealing and feels intentional.

Create a Display of Shadowboxes

Separate your collection into categories and display them in several shadowboxes to maximize the impact.  This unique display of findings from the beach makes a big statement and leaves guests carefully admiring the variety. 


Shelve It

A great option for bulkier items is to use shelves to display the collection.  The items together make statement piece and can be taken off the shelf to admire or use.  Display collections together, like the cameras and records below, for an even bigger statement.

Build or Find a Custom Display

Sometimes creating a simple, custom display for your unique collection gives it the right finish for the space.  Think out of the box.  The right display piece might be at your local antique store or flea market.


Making life more beautiful.

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