3 Unexpected Must Haves for Every Linden Creek Home Stage

Linden creek home staging

Linden creek home staging

Want a behind the scenes look at our planning process?

These three unexpected elements are simple yet play a big part in creating a finished space.  We love them (and their results) so much that they have become must haves for all of our staging projects. 

The best part? These can be added to your home too!  

1. Timed Lighting

Have you ever driven by a house at night with the lights on?  There is something so warm and welcoming about the home.  You can't help but peak inside and get a little glimpse of their house and life.  

When we stage, we love to use this to our advantage! 

We add outlet timers to lamps that will show in the front windows.  Offices and dining rooms work best.  Set the timer for the evening, just as it starts to get dark until 10PM.  Then set them to turn on again at 5AM to catch the morning rush.

These are great add-ons to your own home as well.  Place them in your living room, entry, and bedroom to set that "at home" mood for the space.

This two pack is just $10.99 on Amazon.


2. Vintage Accents

Your home should not feel like to it came directly out of a furniture showroom or Page 32 of the Pottery Barn catalog.  A home should feel like a collection of beautiful things that tell a story and span time.  

There is such a focus today on "new" and having finishes and colors in your home that are current and on trend.  That's okay. 

But a nod to a former time gives texture, depth, and history to a space which makes it feel more inviting and more approachable. 

Linden creek home staging

Linden creek home staging

This is why we add a little vintage to every one of our designs.  Whether it is a 100 year old painting purchased from the local auction house, weathered wooden bowls that hold a collection of magazines, or a display of newspaper clippings from World War II, these pieces share an untold story and give the space roots. 

linden creek home staging

linden creek home staging

This part of our design is often the most challenging and most rewarding.  You never what you will find or when you will find it.  We are continually on the hunt for these sweet hidden gems.   


3. A Bit of Whimsy 

Buying a house can be taxing.  From gathering documents for lenders and being outbid on your offer to second guessing every decision you make. 

We like to lighten up the process a bit and never take life too seriously. 

So, in each of our projects we started incorporating some kind of whimsy just to remind buyers (and their agents) that life should be fun.  

linden creek home staging

linden creek home staging


Make life more beautiful.