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Founder, Alisa Arnhalt, has always had a passion for real estate and design.  As a former Realtor®, she knows what buyers are looking for and understands how to attract them.  She has a keen eye for seeing a home’s full potential and finds ways to show it to others.  Her passion is in making things beautiful.  It is not uncommon to find Alisa covered in sawdust in her free time whether it is from designing and building custom furniture or working on her next renovation project.   

Realizing that what Alisa really wanted to do was help others harness their home's potential, she launched Linden Creek Home Staging with the intent of creating a business that maximizes a seller’s return on their investment and eases the process of selling for both the seller and their agent.  Dedicated to their clients, Linden Creek Home Staging takes the stress out of preparing a home so sellers can focus on their next steps.